About Tana Mana

Launched in 2007, Tana-Mana specialises in Polynesian black cultured pearls and mother-of-pearl jewellery. Tana-Mana’s philosophy is that black pearls should be modern, dynamic, wearable and fun. Challenging the preconceptions of pearl jewellery, Tana-Mana’s versatile designs are made to compliment your contemporary lifestyle.

Tana-Mana jewellery has its roots firmly in its Polynesian inspirations, enhanced by a modern flare and casual elegance. Tana-Mana takes every care in selecting and creating the jewellery featured on this site. Hand made in France, we use high quality black pearls, mother-of-pearl and materials. Working ethically and environmentally responsibly, Tana-Mana’s pearls are sourced directly and exclusively from a pearl farm in the Polynesian Tuamotu Archipelago. All our pearls are natural colours and have been hand selected for their excellent lustre, smooth surface and shape.

Tana-Mana’s founder Stephane Odet is a jewellery specialist… and surfer! Stephane has a high respect for the origins of black pearls and his passion for them comes from a childhood spent in Tahiti. He gained his gemmological qualifications at the ING (French Gemmological Institute) in Paris and at the GIA (Gemmological Institute of America) in New York and following his formal education, Stephane worked in Geneva, London and Paris as a jewellery specialist for Sotheby’s auction house.